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Umeå Small Band (Swe)

Umeå Small Band (Swe)
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Hard Rock (early) / Pop/Rock (later)
Sweden (


August 1980 - April 1984, 2013 - present
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Niklas Munter - Vocals, Bass (Rikets Affärer, Kapten Nemo, Peter Bryngelsson, Mareld)
Lars Eklund - Guitar (Rikets Affärer, Mareld)
Claes Björnberg - Drums (Rikets Affärer, Kapten Nemo, Peter Bryngelsson, Favoritorkerstern)

Former / Past Members
Stefan "Steffe" Hansson - Guitar (Rikets Affärer, Kapten Nemo, A Man With A Vision, Munters Män)
Mats "Matte" Hägglöf - Drums (Rikets Affärer, Munters Män)
The story of the Swedish group Umeå Small Band began in the late 70's when the members Niklas Munter (bass, vocals), Steffe (guitar), Lars Eklund (guitar, vocals), Claes Björnberg (organ), Matte (drums) formed the band RIKETS AFFÄRER, they released only one single entitled "Berlin / Mitt Enda Liv" in 1979 who had a mix of powerpop and symphonic rock influences in the vein of bands like RÅG I RYGGEN, KAIPA, MIKLAGÅRD and TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET. The band split-up in 1980 and the beginning of UMEÅ SMALL BAND would later take form.

UMEÅ SMALL BAND did their debut on the 1981 compilation '6 x 2' with the 2 songs "Kronofogden" & "Det Finns Ingen Hjälp Att Få". Nicko McBrain was in the Polar Studio when the band recorded the solo for "Kronofogden". USB and IRON MAIDEN later had lunch together.

Their first release was the single 'Utanför / Nu vill jag vá (1982)' and in 1983 they recorded their second single 'På Väg / Älvornas Bal' under the shortened name SMALL BAND. This was their last release and the members would later go seperate ways, Claes Björnberg are still living in Umeå, Niklas and Lars moved to Stockholm. The band reunited in 2013 and will do a concert April 20 at Scharinska.

Official Bio (from USB)
The members had previously played in the Umeå band RIKETSA AFFÄRER. UMEÅ SMALL BAND (who first was called FROGROCKERS and later SMALL BAND) did about 50 gigs 1980-1984. The highlight was the recording at Polar studios and the largest setback must have been when the band was eliminated by STEVE ROPER BAND in the regional finals of Rock-SM after replaying as the bands first shared the victory.

The band name was originally a travesty of UMEÅ BIG BAND coined by a cover band with Lars Eklund on bass, Kjell Lövbom (Kee Marcello) on guitar and Torbjörn Harr on drums.
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