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Unit-X (Swe)

Unit-X (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Mora, Stockholm

Photos / Videos
Daniel "Danne" Wande - Vocals (Grave, Rundgång, Myopic Void, Vandee, Stella, Smile)

Peter Broman - Guitar, Vocals (Amaze Me)

Dane - Bass

Conny Lind - Drums (Tryckvåg, Shock Tilt, Lion's Share, Motherlode, Iron Fist, Vision, Trezpass, Odessa, Sin City, Mud & Blood, Hang 'Em High, Raceway, Electric Savage, Eddie Meduza, Rednex, Great King Rat, Unit-X, Amaze Me, State of Mind, Talk of the Town, Boogie Machine, Boys Are Back, Harmonica Henry, History of Rock, Jeff Paris, Sqrammel, Tommy Denander, RC/DC, Van Häljen, Thunder 'n Blues, S 'n R Boys)

Joakim Duvér - Keyboard
Former / Past Members
Anders "Frillan" Frisk - Bass

Mats Bender - Keyboard
Early band of Conny Lind and Peter Broman. Attended ROCK-SM in Falun.
Features GRAVE vocalist Danne Wende.

Demos Tracks Recorded between 1983-1985 :
Cold Heat (Rock Box 850708)
Hit And Run
I'm Not Gonna Take It
Mysterious Lady
Rock'n Roll Big Bang
Rock This Nation
Slay The Dragon
Stand Up I
Stand Up II
Stand Up III
Tonight We're On
Albums (2)
Songs (4)
V/A Compilations
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