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Vixen (Swe)

Band Info
Glam / Hard Rock
Sweden (


1984 - 198X
Known Members
Kenny Åvall - Vocals? (Nightmare, Old Dogz)
Bengt Olsson - Guitar (Destiny)
Christer Wolfbrandt - Drums (Freegit, Heavy Crew, Nightmare, Tension, Aveny, Funfair)
After the split of Nightmare, the drummer and vocalist formed Vixen together with the guitarist Bengt Olsson. They were heavily influenced by Mötley Crue and the glam-rock wave that was big at the time. Vixen did a few gigs and recorded some demos (which was reviewed in the Rocket fanzine) but sadly nothing came out of it. Christer later left the band to form Aveny and played in some other groups before joining Tension.
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