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VIP (Swe)

VIP (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Synth Rock / Rock
Sweden (


September 1981 - ?

Patrik Ćngman - Vocals, Keyboard (Sunrise)
Per "Pär" Gardenkrans - Guitar (Sunrise)
Patrik  Eriksson - Bass
Patrik Wermelin - Drums (Sunrise)

Former / Past Members
Stefan Jagell - Bass
Formed after the split of Sunrise. Won the Elvira rock competition in 1982 with the song "Time is Going Back". It was included on the 'Rock I Umeć' 7" together with the 3 other finalists MOGG, NASTY MUSIC and WHITE FALCONS. The band did about 150 gigs, the first one at Mariehemsgćrden, Umeć, October 3 1981. They also played in Västerbotten, Ćngermanland, Norrbotten, Finland (Yttermark and Purmo), Gothenburg. They also attended the program Zorro in Umeć, September 1982 with the songs "Ge Mig En Chans Till" and "Time Is Going Back".

The band wrote and played  songs such as "Love on the Telephone", "Emperor of the Night", "So Lonely", "Rhytmic Funk", "Tigers In My Blood", "En Blick Av Hat" and "Time is Going Back".
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