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Vanadis (Swe / Helsingborg)

Vanadis (Swe / Helsingborg)
Band Info
Hard / Heavy Rock
Sweden (


1975 (as Aniara) - 1979
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Jan Göransson - Vocals (Cold Shot)
Carl-Erik Månsson - Guitar (Boogie Liquor Band, Bai Bang, Double Trouble, Manssrock, Stenen Kryper, Aniara)
Anders "Gry" Nilsson - Guitar (Helsingborgs Teamwork, Cold Shot)
Per-Olof Buhre - Bass (Aniara)
Mats Henriksson - Drums (Aniara)

Former / Past Members
Morgan Dagerstrand - Vocals (Aniara)
Mats Olsson - Guitar, Keyboards (The End, Etra Band, Aniara, Heavy Station?)
Not to be confused with VANADIS from Ulricehamn.

Formed in 1975 as ANIARA by Morgan Dagerstrand - Vocals, Mats Olsson - Guitar / Keyboards, Per-Olof Buhre - Bass, Mats Henriksson - Drums and Carl-Erik Månsson - Guitar. They played heavy rock with influences from UFO and SCORPIONS. When ANIARA split-up; Mats H, Per-Olof, and Carl-Erik formed VANADIS together with the new vocalist Jan Göransson and guitarist Anders Gry Nilsson. With a new guitarist/vocalist the band also got a new sound, now more influenced by THIN LIZZY.

VANADIS recorded the 7" single 'Heaven Can Wait / Do Me A Favor' in 1978 and split-up in late 1979 couse of military service. Carl-Erik Månsson later joined BAI BANG together with STORMBRINGER/PHOENIX members Jonas Langebro and Claes Wallin. Carl-Erik are today active in the band MANSSROCK.
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