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Voltergeist (Swe)

Voltergeist (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


Per Englund - Vocals (220 Volt, Blacksmith, Motherlode, Dedication, Garbo, Mandrake Root)

Mats Karlsson - Guitar (220 Volt, Cygnus, Skrock, Factory, Magnum Bonum, Silverline, Inferno, Anne Haavisto Band, Rockbirds, CylinderHeads, The Costanzas, Solar Moon, Terminator III, The Summit)

Peter Olander - Guitar (220 Volt, Admit, Swedish Metal Aid, Oxygene, Motjuck, Heavy Sound, Queersling, Beerdrinkers, Boots And Beans, Holy Shit, Terminator III)

Mikael "Mike" Larsson/Krusenberg - Bass (220 Volt, Swedish Metal Aid, John Norum, Silverline, Beerdrinkers, Electric Jerk, Terminator III)

Peter Hermansson - Drums (220 Volt, Swedish Metal Aid, Grand Design,Talisman, John Norum, Herman and the Hot Dogs, Braindestroyers, Stargazer, Solar Moon, Zoom Club, Terminator III)
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
When 220 Volt took a halt in 1992, Karlsson, Olander, Larsson and Hermansson decided to form a new band. They drafted former Blacksmith/Motherlode singer Per and Voltergeist was a fact. They recorded a bunch of great demos, did lots of live shows, and sadly split only a year later.
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