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V/A - Pst - When Everything Feels

When everything feels complicated
You know you got to be really tough
If we fall we're falling to the ground
There's no one there to pick us up
When everything feels black and down
And we're sitting wit hthe dead mans hand
We'll let's solve our problems, don't walk around
Tell everybody that we're going, going down

Let's pull ourselves together
If all we see is nasty weather

When everything feels, like puring rain
When everything feels, like your'e losing the game

Turn around don't stand up for your name
YOu got yourself to blame
We're hanging in a wire so reach out out hands
Get your feet out from no mans land
Don't waste your life with a bad attitude
Shine up a smile never feel rude
Blood tastes and truth hurts, well you know
So wash your face, take of your dirty shoes

Test & Music: Pst
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