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V/A - New Clear Family - Cementary Waltz

Someones walks in my hall
Someones walks in my room
These unfamiliar voices
Go dazzling in my head
Until I stop and sell you out
Solid gold

We will dance in the dark
Until the crystal fades
You will fall asleep
And you won't wake again

All those men in black
And your lips, so red
In this "Cemetary waltz"
We will waltz in black

All the tears you cried
Behind this cemetary wall
And you gave your soul
For a taste of gold

I said someone walks

And I walk in your hall - and I walk up the stairs
And I walk through the door - and I walk in your room
And I sit by your bed - and I look at your face
And I pray to the Lord - thank God that you're dead

So we'll dance in the dark
Until we're chrystalied
I will send you flowers
And you'll paint them black

Though your face, so pale
Still your lips, so red
I know, you gave your soul
Just for the taste of gold
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