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Missing in Discography
-Manual Sister Mary 7" (1973)
-Soul Star 7" (1977)
-Oldsmobile (1975)
-Crusing (1977)

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Vikivaki (Swe)

Vikivaki (Swe)
Band Info
Sweden (


1973 - ?
Hans Gislason - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Gunnar Gislason - Guitar
Kenny Olsson - Bass
John-Erik "Jon" Gislason - Drums
Former / Past Members
Tony Borg - Guest Guitar (Karl Brun & Highway, Dolce Vita, Wasa Express, Aura, Thomas & Lasse, EF Band (g), Alien)
Christer Modin - Guitar
Tommy Eriksson - Bass (Tom Raspertin)
Steinar Arnason - Bass
Rock act formed 1973 in Kungsälv, Sweden. Released 2 full-lenght LP's and a couple of singles.
Tommy are today active as a trubadour under the artist name Tom Raspertin.
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