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Vision (Fin)

Vision (Fin)
Band Info
Hard Rock
Finland (


1991 - ?
Official Website
Randolph Reymers - Vocals (Astral Groove)

Lars Eric Mattsson - Guitars, Keyboards, Sitar, Bass, Percussion (Eternity, Book of Reflections, Zero The Hero, Astral Groove, Contamination of Expressions, Condition Red, Mattsson, Lars Eric Mattsson)
Former / Past Members
Conny Lind - Vocals (Tryckvåg, Shock Tilt, Lion's Share, Motherlode, Iron Fist, Unit-X, Trezpass, Odessa, Sin City, Mud & Blood, Hang 'Em High, Raceway, Electric Savage,  Eddie Meduza, Rednex, Great King Rat, Amaze Me, State of Mind, Talk of the Town, Boogie Machine, Boys Are Back, Harmonica Henry, History of Rock, Jeff Paris, Sqrammel, Tommy Denander, RC/DC, Van Häljen, Thunder 'n Blues, S 'n R Boys)

John Jeff Touch - Vocals (John Jeff Touch)

Björn Lodin - Guest Vocals (Six Feet Under, Rainfall, Bedlam, Gathering Freak, Swedish Metal Aid, Ready Steady, Mattsson, Balls, Baltimoore, Krokus, Astral Groove, H.A.R.D.)

Jampa Jansson - Guest Vocals

Micke Ahlskog - Bass (Astral Groove, Lars Eric Mattsson)

Eddie Sledgehammer - Drums (Book of Reflections, Condition Red, Mattsson)

Tony Mattsson - Drums (Eternity)

Örjan Sjöstrom - Keyboards (Eternity)
VISION first came together in 1991 when Lars Eric Mattsson heard a tape of Swedish singer Conny Lind. Lars contacted Conny who liked the material and soon the recording of their debut album was happening. Lars had already written most of the material but didn't have a band. In stepped Tony Mattsson on Drums and Micke Ahlskog on bass. The year before Lars had released his 3rd album, the all instrumental "ELECTRIC WOODOO" a neoclassical guitar album and Lars now had a clear idea about making music where the songs were in focus, not the guitars. VISION were soon signed to APOLLON in Japan, after a fight between APOLLON and JVC. Apollon won and made a worldwide deal for 5 albums. The album was  released in Europe by Roadrunner and in Japan, where VISION reached no 7 on the charts.

In 1993  after VISION had recorded their 2nd album the relationship with Apollon became very bad, VISION was chained to a label that wouldn't release their album but were making lots of empty promises, a live EP was also recorded and mixed but neiher that nor the second album was ever released. VISION did a few gigs, on the Scandinavian Guitar Festival and they opened for PROCOL HARUM. However the difficulties with their record label made the band give up, and everyone went their own ways. Then in 1996 Lars joined forces with Randolph Reymers and recorded most of the new album, "Till the End of Time". 3 songs are sung by Björn Lodin. these were originally written for Lars 1995 band project "ASTRAL GROOVE" but didn't fit in there. (One song "Not Foolin' Me" is on that album in a different version).

In August 1998 Lion Music released the first VISION album now remastered with 2 bonus tracks from the 1993 sessions. The history of VISION is filled with record label and other business related problems. There were lots of music recorded that never was released. A new compilation contains both the best of the released and unreleased material.
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