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Victory (Swe / Laxå)

Victory (Swe / Laxå)
Band Info
Christan Hard Rock / Melodic / AOR
Sweden (

Laxå, Örebro

1981 - ca 1991
Erik Rosenberg - Vocals, Guitar
Henrik Selin - Guitar
Mikael Carlsson - Bass
Kenneth Gradin - Drums
Göran Åhlfeldt - Keyboard, Grand Piano (Cina)
Not to be confused with Victory (Gnesta) or Victory (Sthlm).

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Formed in 1981. The first single is pretty decent traditional melodic hard rock with Swedish vocals and a Christian message. Like a more hard rock-oriented Magnum Bonum. On the album the band had become more pop-oriented. The second single is really good melodic hard rock, but with quite poppy choruses. Later on they changed their name to Reel X, became even more pop-oriented and changed some members. In 1991 the band split.
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