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Vanessa (Swe)

Vanessa (Swe)
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Melodic / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Västerås, Sala

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Richard "Räven" Holmgren - Vocals, Bass (Wolf, Blackworld, Grand Design, Widow, Haterush, Soulskinner, Apostasy, Scaar, Necromancer, Stonecold, Rävarna Roadkill, Children of the Damned)

Peter Ledin - Guitar, Backing Vocals (Acis, Blackworld, Grand Design)

Peter "Peppe" Vikman - Drums (Poseidon)
Västerås/Sala Hard Rock outfit VANESSA, featuring former ACIS guitarist Peter Ledin, following two sets of demo recordings, issued a solitary 1995 album through Long Island Records. VANESSA's Rickard Holmgren acted as drummer for the 2004 outfit SOULSKINNER, a union of former STEEL ATTACK members guitarist Dennis Westman and bass player Patrick Späth, the CARNAL FORGE and ASPERITY credited Petri Kuusisto on second guitar and DAMNED NATION singer Thomas Thorsen. Holmgren also cites credits with WIDOW, NECROMANCER, HATERUSH and Neo-Thrash outfit SCAAR.

Richard Holmgren Official Bio
Richard is a multi-talanted musician with many different styles and projects. he plays drums, bass, guitar and is also a singer. He was the drummer in Swedish hard rock band Widow during the late eighties.

He was the lead singer and bassist in Swedish hard rock band Vanessa who toured and played frequently  during the early nineties. The band also recorded a CD in Roasting House Recording Studio in Malmoe, Sweden in 1995. The CD was produced by Anders "Theo" Theander and was released on a german label.

He toured as a bassist and singer in Swedish band Rävarna Roadkill during the nineties with different lineups of the band. He started his career as a "trubadur" around 1993 and is still on the road as "Räven". He has been the singer and front man in Swedish Iron Maiden lookalike band "Children of the Damned" who played some welll remembered shows.

He contributed as a singer in a studio project called Stonecold.. Joined forces with Swedish brutal metal band Scaar from Eskilstuna in 2000. The band has since then recorded two CD´s in Studio Underground with producer Pelle Saether and released it on Karmageddon Media. Done live appearences in places like Club Aggression Stockholm, Blå Eskilstuna, Alvas Mariehamn, Club Frency Gothenburg. They were also the opening act in Västerås for Arch Enemy. But in the summer of 2005 he parted ways with SCAAR to be able to work 100% with Haterush.

He has since 2002 been the drummer of swedsh metal band Haterush. During 2003 the band recorded their first CD "Mark of the warrior". It was recorded in Sin Sound studio and released by Black Lotus Records. The second CD "Baptised in Fire" is planned to be released during 2007.

In 2004, Richard joined the metal project Soulskinner wich resulted in a CD recorded in Studio Underground, produced by Pelle Saether. He is also involved in different studio recordings as a drummer for example with Swedish melodic black death metal band Apostasy and swedish Classic Rock project "Grand Design".
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