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Valcyrie (Swe) - The Emperor

The lightning strikes on the darkened skyes
It makes a sign that the leader is dead

Demons and witches are moving on
To the kingdom of the dead
They shall all go to the funeral
To bury the unknown ruler, in hell

A hell fire burns on the grave
Where the leader is lying to rot
His career is over now

The Emperor will be
The evil witch of barbarity and hate

The Emperor
The Emperor

The tension is rising
Who shall it be
The most evil one
Be ready for the
Shouting and fighting against them all
The leader has not yet been choosen
Now the fire surrounds them all
To show them the new emperor in hell
A dark figure rise from the fire
A witch ugly and scary
With one eye she'd watching them all
Make sign of a
Use it with power to rule

The Emperor
The Emperor
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