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Valcyrie (Swe) - Diabolic Force

Laughs of death
Whispers in my head
A message from hell
Call me back to immortality

Darkness lords, seeing eye's
Watching me from below
Force of death drag me down
To the kingdom of the immortal dead

They've destroyed my body
To make my spirit be converted
I've got the deadly force
To assasinate the priest

My bloody onslaught
Decapitation of the priest

My spirit returns
My body rise from the dust
My bloody assault
Has now begun on the earth

Assassinate the faithful
Who condems satan as their enemy
I possess their minds
To evaulate my evil needs

Coming from hell
To kill and rape on the earth
Satanic force
The strongest power of evil

I am invincible
You stand no chance at all
I bring the winds of mayhem
You can't escape, it's to late
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