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White Line (Swe / Varberg)

White Line Varberg
Band Info
Melodic / Hard Rock
Sweden (


19XX - 1988
Photos / Videos
Official Website
Sonny Flink - Vocals
Martin Persson/Thomander - Guitar (Grand Slam, Jaguar, Erika, Electric Boys)
Fredrik Persson/Thomander - Bass (Grand Slam, Erika, Treat, Vildsvin)
Magnus Larsson - Drums (Järnet)
Per Waernqvist - Keyboards
Not to be confused with White Line (Västerås) who released the Whiped Out 7".

White Line was a melodic hard rock band from Varberg, Halland formed in the mid 80's. They wrote and performed songs such as "Exhibit Unknown Areas", "Like The River Runs", "Still I'm Crying", "Spinning Round" etc. The band broke up in 1988 after coming second in the Rock-SM '88 finals at Scandinavium, Gothenburg. The members later went on playing in bands such as Erika, Electric Boys, Grand Slam, Vildsvin & Järnet. Fredrik are today a well-known songwriter / producer and bass player in Treat.

Some Concerts
July 4th, 1986: Nöjesparken,Varberg (Special Guests To:Treat)
Aug 14th, 1987: Societen, Varberg
Dec 11th, 1987: Nöjesparken, Varberg
Feb 15th, 1988: Sporthallen, Halmstad (Rock-SM)
Feb 27th, 1988: Resturang Kreta, Gothenburg (Jumping Jack)
April 14th, 1988: Baltiska Hallen, Malmö (Rock-Sm)
May 21th, 1988: Scandinavium, Gothenburg) (Rock-SM Final)
June 24, 1988: Freeze,Varberg
July 8th, 1988: Folkets Hus,Varberg
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