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Why Shy (Swe)

Why Shy
Band Info
Female Fronted / Melodic Rock / AOR / Pop
Sweden (


Known Members
Sara Heurlin - Vocals (Darkness, Come Alive, Nation Beyond, Sounds Like Sara, Bad Habit (guest), Mass Murder Agenda (guest), Nanne Grönvall (guest))
Formed in the early 80s under the name Darkness and later changed to Sheehan before becoming Why Shy. Why Shy recorded the song "Only Heaven Knows (Megamix)" for the 'Streetwise Number One Of Two, 1990' compilation. Later on the band changed name to Grand Slam before finally settling with Come Alive.

Official Biography
In the early years of the 1980´s, there were Darkness, a hardrock band from Malmö, Sweden - 4 young guys with big dreams and a real good sense of how great music should sound. As it happens a female vocalist joined the band in 1984 and a decade of intense music creating took place. After the bandname was changed to “Come Alive” a full length album was recorded in 1994. A couple of record companies showed interest in the band but as in very many fairytales the saga came to an end and the album they recorded was never released to the market. When one of the bandmembers was cleaning out the addict in late 2015 the now lost recordings once again emerged and finally the world can enjoy the fant​astic Come Alive songbook.

Over the years the band´s name changed to Sheehan, later on Why Shy, over to Grand Slam and then finally it changed to Come Alive. Since the band loved to rehearse this was about the only thing they did. 4 nights a week. In 1991 they packed their bags and stuffed their music equipment in a big wooden container and shipped it to Sydney, Australia under the band name Grand Slam. An 8 month long adventure began. A whole lot of rehearsals, in Sweden aswell as in Australia, led to a whole lot of playing live at different venues in Sydney. The band got the experience they needed. Once they got back to Sweden again, Grand Slam changed their name to Come Alive and they used the experience they achieved from Sydney by rehearsing and playing live, and they kept on rehearsing and playing live, only now, in Sweden. For instance they went on a 5 week long tour in the northern parts of Sweden but now their band name had changed to Come Alive. Then, finally the band was ready for the studio. For real. A full length CD was the result. A couple of record companies showed a lot of interest in the band but as in very many fairytales the saga had come to an end and the CD they recorded was never released to the market. Come Alive played their last gig at Cosmoplitan Café in their hometown Malmö, Sweden, in may 1995.
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