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- Under the Blue 7", 3tr CDS 1991
- Rock N'Roll Meltdown [HSM #HSM CD 009]
- Weird Electric Tension, LP 1995 [HSM #HSM LP 015]
- Weird Electric Tension, CD1995 [HSM #HSM CD 015]
- Walking Straight, CD 1998 [Sonus #SONCD 012]

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Band Info
Melodic / Hard Rock / Sleaze
Sweden (


1 July 1987 - XXXX
Lollo Öberg - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Organ (Hazy, Micke Besvär Band)
Sonny "Svisse" Svensson/Dahl - Guitar
Jerry Prütz - Bass (Swedish Metal Aid, Fullt ÖC med Doa Kören, Cirkus Prütz)
Per Kohlus - Drums (Spectrum, Cirkus Prütz, Skin and Bone, Lipstick)
Former / Past Members
Morgan "Mogge" Svensson - Vocals, Guitar
Jörgen Broman - Drums (Elfbeam?)
Jerker "Jee Eden" Edman – Vocals, Guitar (Mindless Sinner, Skinny Horse, Demental (guest)
Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Formed in 1987. On the first 7" Lollo plays bass and singer/guitarist Morgan Svensson was in the band In 1987 Lollo also recorded a MLP with Hazy, but was never a member of the band. Jerry replaced Morgan before 'Sex on the Line'. A great band whose first album was at times quite reminiscent of early Van Halen. The single 'Sex on the Line' entered some non-Swedish charts and the video was shown on Swedish TV. W.E.T. (Weird Electric Temple or Weird Electric Treatment or Wild Energetic Tempo or...) was a very energic live band that supported several big Swedish acts. The band is also found on the compilation 'Swedish Metal (95 XTC), and they recorded a track for the '96 'Backstage Compilation', this time a cover of the band Sator. W.E.T.'s second album is actually a big step forward with it's untrendy, straightforward hooligan hard rock 'n roll. Jerry was a host for the heavy metal TV-show Diezel and he's a frequent writer for Close-Up Magazine. The third album was a very strange experiment where the band explored the territory of straightforward country-tinged rock, a far cry from the early heavies. The band has however returned to their former heaviness, maybe with a more AC/DC-influenced touch, which is proved byy a 3-track demo recorded after the last album. The band actually released the CD-R album 'Fifteen Years With Constant Eartrouble' as an anniverary release. Jerry today has his blues rock band Circus Prütz.
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