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Wildborn (Swe)

Wildborn (Swe)
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Melodic Hard Rock / Metal
Sweden (

Forsbacka, Gävle

1985 - 1992
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Bo "Bosse" Törnhult - Vocals (Marcus Brutus Band, Bigfoot, Deep Impact, Touch, Rugged, the B.O.P.P.A Project )
Jan "Janne" Sjödin - Guitar (Marcus Brutus Band, Bigfoot, Deep Impact, Ramlösa)
Peter Carlberg - Guitar, Keyboards (Marcus Brutus Band, Bigfoot)
Björn "Wappa" Persson - Bass
Magnus Dahlqvist - Drums (Bigfoot)

Former / Past Members:
Danne S - Vocals
Thomas Öhman - Drums
Kaj - Keyboards
Jonas - Keyboards

WILDBORN was formed in 1985 in Gävle with members from MARCUS BRUTUS BAND. The band released 2 singles, the first one was independently released in 1985  and the second on Platina Records, 1986.  They attended ROCK SM 1987 with the cover-song "Sugar Sugar" and their own song "Uncertain Future" (sung by female vocalist Li.J). WILDBORN won and went on to the regional finals which took place at the Ski Rock Festival in Salen with 15 other bands. They also attended ROCK SM 1988, contributing with the songs "A Whiter Shade of Pale" and "Dreams".  Vocalist Bosse Törnhult was replaced with Danne.S in 1989 and a 2-track demo was recorded, at this point they also participated the worlds biggest rock contest YAMAHA BAND EXPLOSION with the song "Little Lisa", they made it to the finals in Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg. They ended on 4th place, the first prize was won by the Umeå group ANGEL. They changed their name to BIGFOOT in 1992 with Bosse Törnhult back on vocals.
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