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Wulcan (Swe)

Wulcan (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / AOR
Sweden (



Peter Sundell - Vocals, Guitar (Peter Sundell, Promotion, Grand Illusion, Decoy, Northern Lights, Mark V, In & Out, Code, Overland, Heartland)
Jan Borg - Guitar, Vocals (Karl Brun & Highway?, Snake Hips?)
Tommy Palm - Guitar, Vocals
Kent Fagerberg - Bass
Christian Sundell - Drums (Peter Sundell, Promotion, Grand Illusion, In & Out)

Former / Past Members
Lennart Ljungdahl - Bass (Persons Band)
Formed as Paradox. Later known as Promotion. Lennart Ljungdahl was earlier in the prog band Persons Band together with Roland Persson of Marcus Brutus Band.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Wulcan were formed under the name Paradox, and at the time drummer Christian was only eight (8) years old. Sundell also joined the funk-rock band Mark V in 1983, where he met Anders Rydholm, together with whom he formed the band In & Out, and they later formed the band Promotion. Peter also recorded a solo single in a more AOR-oriented vein. The band Promotion later evolved into Grand Illusion and Peter was also found in Decoy and Northern Light. After the first single bass player Kent Fagerberg replaced Lennart Ljungdahl.
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