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- Heart of Stone [MC] (1991)

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Ypzilon (Swe)

Ypzilon (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Gamleby, Västervik

1990 - 1991
Official Website
Mikael "Micke" Åkerman - Vocals (Altair, Noztalgica, RoseBud)
Nicklas "Nicke" Eriksson - Bass (Raving Mad?)
Former / Past Members
Esko Heino - Guitar (Altair, P.R.O.)
Peo Petersson - Drums (Altair, P.R.O.)
Thomas Andersson - Keyboards (Altair)
Formed mid 80's in Gamleby, Västervik as ALTAIR by Jan Karlsson (guitar, vocals), Gunnar Jangbrand (bass), Thomas Andersson (guitars) and Peo Petersson (drums). A couple of demos was recorded under this name. Thomas left ALTAIR in 1987 and was replaced with Ekso Heino, also another member with the name Thomas Andersson joined on keyboards.

After some line-up changes with a new vocalist (Micke Åkerman) and bassist (Nicklas Eriksson) the band became YPZILON in 1990 - a single was recorded entitled 'One More Sacirifice / I Want To Know', Peo and Esko left the band shortly afterwards. The remaining members recorded a cassette in 1991 entitled 'Heart of Stone' and demo 'Don't Cry'.

Peo Petersson and Esko Heino are today active in the cover band P.R.O.
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# FWOSHM 2012-07-20 17:13
Thanks to Peo for info + photos!
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