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Zeta (Swe)

Zeta (Swe)
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Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (

Nacka, Stockholm

1977 - 19XX
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Mikael "Micke" Moberg - Vocals, Guitar (Bedlam, Moon, Z, Satisfied, The Voice, Moberg-Talton, 2001, Nick Nack, The Man From The Moon)
Pelle Siren - Guitar
Mats Grahn - Bass (Europe (guest), Sambandet, Skogsfolke, Hot Rats, Familjen Torsk)
Anders Karlsson - Drums
Former / Past Members
Conny Undin - Guitar (Z)
Hans "Bie" Carlsson - Guitar (The Scream, Docenterna, T-Shirts, Gang Bang, Taxi, Giant Steppers, Bonefish)
Leif Zetterström - Bass (Z, Transatlantie Railroad)
Per Ingels - Drums (Smisk!, Z, Transatlantie Railroad, George Trolin Band)
Björn Malmros - Drums (Satisfied)
Micke Moberg's first band was called SATISFIED were he played guitar, the band also featured Olle Engström (guitar), Anders Hagberg (bass) and Björn Malmros (drums). Moberg later formed Z with Per Ingels, Conny Undin and Leif Zetterström. The band rehearsed in a bombshelter in Lännboskolan, Fisksätra, Stockholm. Z wrote their own songs and was influenced by bands such as Yes, Genesis, Scorpions, Status Quo and Rolling Stones (Per was also a big fan of Trettioåriga Kriget).  In 1977 the band changed name to ZETA and the line-up was now Micke Moberg (vocals & guitar), Björn Malmbors (drums) and Mats Gran (bass). They did a TV appearance on the music show "Barfota/Barefoot" TV2, Stockholm in April 2 - 1978.

Later in '78 ZETA added second guitarist Hasse Carlsson and recorded the single 'Speleman / Walking Down The Stairway'. These songs was also featured on the Sonet compilation 'Tracks '79'. (trivita: Producer Ola Håkansson hesitated to include ZETA on the compilation, but luckily Magnus Uggla was there at the time and thought the songs was great). Later in '79 Anders Carlsson replaced Björn Malmros on drums and the band recorded their second single 'Vicken Tjej / Blinka Lilla Rock 'n' Roll' in 1979. It also featured the girl choir Lena and Mia Janes. Hasse left the band in June 1979 to join TAXI and was replaced with Conny Undin. The final line-up was Micke Moberg, Mats Gran, Anders Carlsson and Pelle Siren.

Micke Moberg later formed the band 2001 with Jan Åström, Lars Hessling, Jan Norman and Hans Lindquist. The band recorded some singles and a album. Sfter this he recorded an AOR album with the duo Moberg-Talton. He has later recorded solo albums under the moniker THE MOON MAN/THE MAN FROM THE MOON and also appeared in the band BEDLAM as well worked with BATHORY / ACE (Nordland I-II, Destroyer of Worlds), NICK NACK, SANDRA WINDAHL, LEIF ALDERSKRANS, DON BENNECHI among others.

Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Formed as Z in 1975, initially featuring Moberg, guitarist Conny Undin, bassist Leif Zetterström and drummer Per Ingels. In 1977 the line-up changed drastically seeing Moberg flanked by Mats Gran on bass and Björn Malmros on drums, and the band now put a lot more effort into it, which resulted in a TV performance. Hasse Carlsson was added to the line-up. The first single is melodic hard rock with an early 70's/late 60's touch. The track "Walking Down The Starway" was featured on the compilation 'Swedish Tracks (1979)'. The line-up on the second single featured Moberg on vocals, Anders Carlsson, Mats Gran, Bie Carlsson and choir girls Lena and Mia Janes. The style was now a bit more in the vein of MAGNUM BONUM. The final line-up of the band saw Carlsson replaced by Pelle Siren. Moberg later formed the band 2001 and after this he recorded an excellent AOR platter with the duo Moberg-Talton. He has later recorded solo albums under the moniker THE MOON MAN/THE MAN FROM THE MOON and also appeared in the band BEDLAM.
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