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Paradize (Swe / Karlshamn)

Paradize (Swe / Karlshamn)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1978 - 1980
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Pelle Thuresson - Vocals, Guitar (Overdrive, Overheat, Crosseyed Mary)

Janne Stark - Guitars (Overdrive, Overheat, Faith, M.O.B., Flash, TNT, Alyson Avenue, Sir Lord Baltimore, Thalamus, Chris Catena, Audiovision, Vii Gates, Narnia, Grand Design, Blinded Colony, Spearfish, Audiovision, Tower Of Stone, Teenage Rampage, From Behind, Planet Alliance, Balls, Constancia, Locomotive Breath, Mountain Of Power, Zello, Nicky Moore Blues Corporation)

Kenth Eriksson - Bass (Interaction, Overdrive, Area)

Åke "Age" Karlsson - Drums (Tengel, Killerhawk, Renegade, Magus, Thin Lipsztick)

Magnus Petersson - Keyboards
PARADIZE was formed 1978 in Karlshamn. Janne had earlier played in FLASH and TNT together with Pelle Thuresson and TURBO vocalist Ola Persson. PARADIZE released their one and only 7" single 'Caress of Steel / Take Me Home' in 1979 on the ORI label in a limited press of 250 copies.

Their influences was basicly New England bands such as Styx and REO Speedwagon. In 1980 Janne, Pelle and Kenth teamed up with Kjell Jacobsson and Kenta Svensson of OCEAN to form OVERDRIVE. Age Karlsson joined RENEGADE who later would become KILLERHAWK.
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