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- Akilles, Demo 2000      
- Coming Home, Demo 2001      
- Stone by Stone, Demo 2001
- Live At Trubaduren, 2001

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Akilles (Swe)

Akilles (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal (early) / Heavy / Doom Metal (later)
Sweden (

Höviksnäs, Tjörn

1989 - ca 1994, 2000 - XXXX
Mia Lorentzon - Vocals
Conny Törnqvist - Vocals
David Asp - Guitar (Forbidden Dreams, Opera Diabolicus, Ancient Dreams)
Michael Fuhrman - Guitars (Forbidden Dreams, Brain Pain)
Andreas Niemi - Bass (Nasty, Demigod, Titan, Opera Diabolicus, Deletion, The Roots of Echo, Fata Morgana)
Robin Thuresson - Drums (Forbidden Dreams, Highlander (feat Joacim Cans), Hope n' Glory)
Former / Past Members
Magnus Styrén - Vocals (Nasty, Demigod, Crikey)
Stefan - Vocals
Thomas - Guitar
Jarkko - Guitar
Johnny Johansson - Guitar
Lotta Olderberg - Guitar (Satyria)
Peter Wold - Guitar (Nasty, Demigod)
Janne - Drums
Info from Janne Stark's Enyclopedia
Formed in 1989 by former Titan bassist Andreas Niemi. In 2000 Andreas recorded a demo with a new line-up featuring Magnus Styrén on vocals, Peter Wold and Johnny Johansson on guitar. After the demo Wold and Johansson left the band. At one time the line-up featured Niemi, singer Robin Thuresson and drummer Michael Fuhrman, both also found in Forbidden Dreams. The last known line-up was quite different, featuring besides Niemi, singers Mia Lorentzon and Conny Thörnqvist, guitarist David Asp and Michael Fuhrman and drummer Robin Thuresson. In 2011 Niemi and Asp (also in Candlemass cover band Ancient Dreams) formed the band Opera Diabolicus who released their debut album '1614'.

Info from Musicmight
AKILLES date back to 1989, a band centred upon ex-TITAN bassist Andreas Niemi and featuring Peter Wold on drums. The formative version of AKILLES performed Punk Rock but with Niemi's influence steered into a Hard Rock direction. A single, 'Passaway' was issued on the Active label with the band being credited as vocalist Stefan, guitarists Thomas and Jarkko, Andreas Niemi on bass and drummer Janne. This group fractured but by 1999 Niemi had been asked to help forge a fresh band with Wold on guitar, drummer Peter Jörgensen and CRIKEY singer Magnus Styrén. This new band gigged initially billing themselves as NASTY performing a set comprising cover versions of artists such as JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN and DIO but then Jörgensen made his exit. Another temporary name of DEMIGOD was put into use as the group sought a new drummer.

The group issued a debut demo in April 2000 and subsequently resurrected the name AKILLES, spending time thereafter on the hunt for a suitable drummer. Uffe Stanislaus of the SPEEDFREAKS rehearsed with the band but it was to be Robin Thuresson, of HIGHLANDER, HOPE N' GLORY and FORBIDDEN DREAMS repute, who secured the position. Shortly after recording an April 2001 two track demo both Johnny Johansson and Peter Wold left the band. AKILLES would react swiftly, trying out Peter Tjernström of FATA MORGANA and David Asp from ANCIENT DREAMS to fill the vacancies. However, although Asp was duly inducted the second guitarist position would go to Lotta Olderberg of SATYRIA. Before the year was out vocalist Magnus Styrén had decamped. In January of 2002 FORBIDDEN DREAMS guitarist Michael Fuhrman would rehearse with the band. Andreas Niemi also performs with FATA MORGANA.
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