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Holy Ruler, Demo (198x)

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Ambush (Swe / Kolsva)

Ambush (Swe / Kolsva)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Kolsva, Köping

1982 - 1985
Official Website

Ronny Starborg - Vocals (Rampant, Chuck Norris)
Åke Cromnow - Guitar (Rampant, Mean Street, Chuck Norris)
Ola Eriksson - Guitar
Mats "Finlay" Norström - Bass (Rampant, Achilleus, Mean Street)
Claes Wickman - Drums (Protectors, Mean Thore And The Shutupers)
Juha "Juba" Nurmenniemi - Keyboards, Bass (Rampant, Achilleus, Mean Street, Darxtar, Pseudo Sun)

Former / Past Members
Göran Levén - Drums
Sören Mårtensson - Keyboards (Achilleus, Darxtar, Hawxtar, Mean Thore And The Shutupers)
Official biography by Åke Cromnow from Run Like Hell compilation.
The original lineup of Ambush was formed in Köping, Sweden in may 1982. Cromnow - lead and rhythm guitar, Eriksson - rhythm guitar, Starborg - vocals, Finaly - bass and Göran Leven - drums. This lineup spent almost a year concentrating on song writing and basically learning how to play heavy rock. No gigs were performed during this first year but in the spring of 93 a handful of gigs in the local region were played. A small but dedicated group of youngsters came to every gig and helped to carry Marshall amps and were generally encouraging in our work. In the summer of 83 the first cassette was recorded on portable recording equipment, the first one ever on the market, a Teak Tascam 144. There were the first versions of songs like "Holy Ruler", "Whole Man Again" and "Cross My Heart". Later that year Ambush went to Örebro to record at a small recording studio located in an old school called "The Brickstack". There the EP was recorded in November 1983. Some gigs follow in Västerås and Linköping, certainly no big venues but at least they had come a bit out of the closest neighbourhood...

During the spring of 84 it was back to home recording, however wit ha bit better equipment and later mastering by a professional studio in Örebro. The cassette was called 'Don't Turn Your Back on Ambush', now with the addition of keyboard player Nurmenniemi, later to join Rampant on bass. Now the songs had a little different feel, maybe a bit more in the typical 80's hard rock vein..?. This cassette was as the EP officially released on HEJ records. Songs like "Spend Money", "Rock'n'Roll Preacher", "Backbite" and "Closer To The Devil" came to be played on a very high volume around our hometown in the summer of 84. This cassette actually contains a cover, Thin Lizzys "Cold Sweat"...  Still no real attention but some smaller local gigs. However the song writing got a bit better as did the performance in general.

The last recording of Ambush took place in a newly established recording studio in Kolbäck. This was in may 85, Ambush now in a bit of frustration was not too happy wtih the result but at least "Living Thing" was recorded at this session. Now with a new drummer the late Claes Wickman. The next step for Cromnow and Starborg was to try playing with another constellation. Actually they were aiming at getting together the musicians with the best reputation in the area to form a new band. The paper called in a "supergroup" maybe with some well meant irony..?. This band took its name from an album from Scottish rockers Nazareth, Rampant. Some new blood came into the song writing with Nordqvist (guitar) and Nurmeeniemi (bass) and some high-class skin beating from Shield, immediately tighten and enhanced the sound. Even this time almost a year of song writing took place.

But in february of 86 the band now with the addition of keyboard player Granpa (he was like 10 yrs older than the rest...) entered the legendary Kulingstudio in Örebro. The result is heard in the recordings of such songs like "Feed Me Rock", "Dreamers Boulevard", "Run With Me" and "Nuclear Solutions". This was also the songs featured on the cassette 'Hårdrock' released on the label with fellow hard rockers Motherload and Holy Message. A few live gigs followed with a fierce sound as is recorded for example in Bivurparken 1 June 1986. Due to internal disputes of musical direction Rampant disbanded in the winter of 86/87. Most members have pursued careers in music mainly as hobby or semi-professional in everything from Blues, Country cover bands and Irish punk!. In 2001 Rampant reformed with almost original lineup. The band recordd the CD 'Back From Nowhere' on own label in 2005. Just working on songs on spare time as a side project. In 2009 new material was recorded and are about the be released on a new CD 'Powerload' this summer. Yours truly, Åke Cromnow, founder members of Ambush and Rampant.
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