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Acut (Swe)

Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (


1980 - 1987
Nicklas Bränberg - Vocals, Drums (The Wyatt Earp Band)
Jonas Staflund - Gitarr
Niclas Marklund - Guitar (Hardy Nilsson, Autorock)
Micael Burman - Bass (The Wyatt Earp Band)
Former / Past Members
Lars-Magnus "Larsa" Hedström - Solo Guitar (The Wyatt Earp Band)
ACUT was a hard rock band from Skellefteå formed Christmas day 1980 by Nicklas Bränberg, Jonas Staflund and Micael Burman, all 12 years old at the time. They started out with DAG VAG & EDDIE MEDUZA covers but later wrote their own meterial. The band had the song "Han Sålde Sin Frihet" on a local 1984 demo compilation engineered by Kjell Nästén.

ACUT played the last gig Spring 1987 at Magasinet, Skellefteå comped by AUTOROCK guitarist Niclas Marklund.
Nicklas Bränberg and Micael Burman later continued in the blues group THE WYATT EARP BAND (had the song "See You In Hell Blind Boy") on the 'R & R (1989)' compilation.
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