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Akut (Swe)

Akut (Swe)
Band Info
Rock (later Hard Rock)
Sweden (

Tuve, Gothenburg

1983 - 1985, 1988 - 1996, 1999 - ?
Official Website
Kent Bohlin - Vocals, Bass
Niklas "Lauda" Tinander/Olsson - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (Excalibur, Bitch Boys)
Bo Svedby/Svedberg - Guitar, Bass (Excalibur)
Rikard Söderberg - Guitar (Excalibur)
Martin Persson - Drums (Excalibur)
Former / Past Members
Robert Övstegaard - Vocals (Excalibur)
Anders "Jason" Jansson - Vocals (Bitch Boys)
Stina Persson - Vocals
AKUT was a rock group formed in 1983 by Kent Bohlin, Martin Persson, Bo Svedby and Rikard Söderberg. Niklas Olsson/Tinander joined the band in april 1984. The band released their debut single in 1984 on the platina label (which was the first release in the PL series). Kent left the band in spring 1985 and the band continued as a instrumental westcoast / hard rock band for a while. In spring 1986 Robert Övstegaard joined AKUT as vocalist, shortly afterwards the band changed name to EXCALIBUR, a shortlived band who only existed for a year (1986-1987). However AKUT reformed as a hard rock cover band in 1993 with the new singers Anders "Jason" Jansson och Stina Persson. They did some gigs up til' 1996 before disbanding once again. Some of the remaining members formed BITCH BOYS. In 1999 AKUT got together once again, this time with all the original members.
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