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Anyway (Swe)

Anyway (Swe)
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AOR / Melodic Hard Rock / Metal
Sweden (


1987 - 1994, 2009 - present
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Johan Freij - Vocals, ex-Bass
Pontus Nelderup - Guitar
Johan Häggman - Bass
Björn Roos - Drums
Andreas Körmark - Keyboard
ANYWAY was formed in autumn 1987 at Björn Roos place on Värmlandsgatan, Ängelholm. The band consisted of Björn Roos (drums), Pontus Nelderup (guitar ), Andreas Körmark (keyboards) and John Freij (vocals, bass). Their first song was called "I'm Only Human" and was quickly followed up by "Dream Girl," Private Eye" and" Back In the Night". The lyrics was put together with help from their sisters.

However, the band needed to develop their sound and the first step was for Johan Freij to lay down the bass and just focus on singing. Johan Häggman was the natural choice of replecement. Another thing that made ??it possible to turn up the volume was a new rehearsal place at a stable in Stora Hult. The band wrote new songs like "Do not Touch My Gun", "Like Fire" and the B-side "Tina". With help from Frans Ebbesson, the band moved to his self made studio were they  recorded the single 'The One I Need / Tina', the song "Don't Touch My Gun" was also recorded but it never made it to the single. ANYWAY split a few years later but would reunite in 2009.
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