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Bluesbreath (Swe)

Bluesbreath (Swe)
Band Info
Blues Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


Ronny Olsson - Vocals, Guitar (Berglund, Eric Strandh, Ulf Bejerstrand) R.I.P.

Christian Paulin - Bass (Mynta, Tomas Ledin, Ola Magnell, Boris, Inger Öst,  Gösta Linderholm, Annie Hedin, Leif Kronlunds Storband, Maritza Horn & Mynta, Bysiskören, Jonas af Roslagen, Thérèse Juel, Mitch Mitchell, Loffe, mfl)

Peter Sundell - Drums (Egba, De Gladas Kapell, Tomas Ledin, Monica Törnell, Ola Magnell, Peps, Bernt Staf, Janne Schaffer, John Holm, Kisa, Svenne & Lotta, Sånger Om Kvinnor, Torsten Wallin, Anita Strandell, Marie Bergman, Sylvia Vrethammar, Björn J:son Lindh, Hansson De Wolfe United, Ralph Lundsten and the Andromeda Allstars, Ahmadu Jarr, Thommie Fransson, mfl)
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Bluesbreath was not actually a band, but Ronny Olsson's project. He has also made several solo-recordings and some highly acclaimed demos with Åke Eriksson (Bedlam, Attack, Wasa Express). Christian is now in the fusion-oriented band Mynta. Ronny unfortunately died on midsummer's day in 1991, as a result of his severe diabetes.
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