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- 8tr Demo, 1988

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Co Stone (Swe)

Co Stone (Swe)
Band Info
Hard / Heavy / Blues Rock
Sweden (



Lars "Valle" Wallin - Vocals, Guitar (Glenn Wish & The New Memphis Orchestra)
Mikael "Micke" Underdal - Bass (Fotfolket, Smen's Baglomma)
Lars "Kula" Andersson - Drums

CO STONE was one of Kristianstads most popular bands at the time. The band split-up in early 1990's. Vocalist Lars "Valle" Wallin would later join a band called GLENN WISH & THE NEW MEMPHIS ORCHESTRA. Micke Underdal was earlier in FOTFOLKET (had the song "Dracula" on the 'Skånsk Rock I (1982)' compilation and "Du Är Min Sort" on 'Kristianstadrock Volym 2 (1983)' compilation).
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