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Crystal Ocean (Swe)

Crystal Ocean (Swe)
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Punk / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1987 - 1988

Fredrik "Ztikkan" Blomberg - Vocals, Guitar (Rojnes, Strebers, Dia Psalma, The Sixguns, M.A.N.)
Erik "Svajjen" Fernold - Guitar (Wild Youth)
Dennis "Dempa" Johansson - Bass, Nose (Rojnes, Göteborg Sound)
Jörgen "Pastor" Ek - Drums (Rojnes)

Info (from Janne Stark's encyclopedia)
The band started off as a trio, featuring Ztikkan, Dennis and Jörgen, under the name ROJNES in 1987. As ROJNES they released one 7" 'Rojnes Käkar Bananer Eller...?', in a punk style. They added Fernold, who had previously played bass in Ztikkan's band WILD YOUTH, and changed the name to CRYSTAL OCEAN in 1987. The band only lasted for about a year. Ztikkan later joined punk band STREBERS as bass player, plus recorded a couple of singles with offspring band SIXGUNS. When drummer Johhny Rydh died in a car crash he formed DIA PSALMA together with MERCILESS drummer Stefan "Stipen" Carlsson.

He is now a current member of the metalband M.A.N and in DIA PSALMA who started to play again in 2006.
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