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Develop (Swe)

Develop (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1978 - XXXX
Lars Ståhl - Vocals
Martin Kronlund - Guitar (Gypsy Rose, Dogface, White Wolf, Lover Under Cover, Reece Kronlund)
Mats Bostedt - Bass (Tai Rose, Gypsy Rose)
Aki Järvinen - Drums
Former / Past Members
Paulo Mendonça (Ziba, Ro-Cee)
Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
The band was formed in 1978, then also featuring guitarist Paolo Mendonca, who later reached bigger stardom on his own before he vanished from the stage and started writing music for other bands/artists, such as Jeff Scott Soto. The bands only claim to fame is however this single. After the band split, Martin formed the band Gypsy Rose, who were close to being signed by Geffen and Mausoleum, but it fell through on the finish line. Gypsy Rose also featured Mats. Martin was also later found in Dogface, who released two albums. Gypsy Rose finally reformed and released a long lost album in 2005 and later delivered a follow-up. Kronlund has since also appeared in Canadian rockers White Wolf, Lover Under Cover and Reece Kronlund, and he runs JM Recording Studio outside Gothenburg.
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