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Damnatory (Swe)

Damnatory (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy / Doom / Thrash Metal
Sweden (


1988 - present
Official Website
Argati "Babis" Tasiopoulos - Vocals, Guitar (Argashi, Brainwave, Divine Recharge)
Sven-Erik "Svenne" Björklund - Guitar
David Nowén - Bass, Guitar
Kujtim Gashi - Drums (Argashi, Crystal Eyes)
Former / Past Members
Nicklas "Nicke" Holstensson - Vocals (Thy Primordial, Brainwave, Bloodshed Nihil, Nominon, Dion Fortune)
Kim Salmi - Bass
Tobias Hall - Bass
Mathias Bramstång - ?
Doom / Thrash act from Borås, Sweden formed in early '88. Released a couple of demo tapes and a full-lenght album in 1990 on the Danish label Büms Records. The band recorded some new songs in 2012 ("Barathrum", "Also Spracht Saibot" etc) and also played a 25th anniversary gig in 2013.
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