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Empty G.U.N.S (Swe)

Empty G.U.N.S (Swe)
Band Info
Sleazy Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1991 - 1994
Henrik Klefbäck - Vocals (Lydia, Black Mojo, The New Breed Motorjunkies)
Daniel Bertilsson - Guitar (Lydia)
Tobias Bertilsson - Guitar
Andreas Wiberg - Bass (Lydia, The New Breed Motorjunkies)
Mattias Jonsson - Drums (Lydia)
Known as Norrköpings GUNS N' ROSES at the time. Released a single in 1991 w/songs co-written by Claes Wållberg of AXEWITCH. The band later became SAW and then LYDIA.
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