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Epedemic (Swe)

Epedemic (Swe)
Band Info
Power / Thrash Metal
Sweden (

Väckelsång, Växjö

Torbjörn "Tobbe" Wahrolén - Session Vocals
Mikko I. Petersen - Guitar
Henrik "Henke" Karlsson - Guitar
Carl-Johan "CJ" Wictor - Bass (Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers)
Jesper "Jeppe" Wihlborg - Drums (Soulflyer)
Former / Past Members
"Limpan" - Vocals
Fredrik "Fredda" Ernerot - Guitar? (Mortal Abuse, No Remorse, Temperance)
EPEDEMIC was a thrash metal act from Väckelsång just outside Växjö that recorded a 4tr MLP at the Studio Gig in Urshult, Sweden back in 1989. The band baptized their work 'Futuredoom' and their local records store Sin City in Vaxjö released is as a limited vinyl. All lyrics was written by Fredde Ernerot who was an ex-member of the band. The story behind the vocals is that the band hadn't really heard how bad their original singer "Limpan" was until they hit the studio, were they fired him on the spot. Wahrolén was a local pop singer who accepted to record the songs in just a matter of days. He however had no idea what musical style the band had and was shocked at what he heard. The band unfortunately split shortly after the record was released.

Carl-Johan changed direction and is today playing up-right bass in the rockabilly band WILDFIRE WILLIE AND THE RAMBLERS, plus he runs his own vinyl pressing plant Vic Tone. Jeppe Wihlborg was later guitarist in the rock band SOULFLYER together with Magnus Danielsson (PYRAMID, MUDDY ROAD, PLAIN etc). Fredda Ernerot have played in bands such as MORTAL ABUSE, NO REMOSE and had success with the doom/death/thrash act TEMPERANCE.
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