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- Demo, 1985
- Livet, MC 1986
- Sex Sex Sex / Trar 7", 1988

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Epoxy (Swe)

Epoxy (Swe)
Band Info
Powerpop / Punk / Rock / Hard Rock

Hjorthagen, Stockholm

1984 - 19XX
Official Website
Andreas Bergqvist - Vocals, Guitar
Ivar Kandell - Guitar
Johan Nordqvist - Bass (The Force) R.I.P.
Erik Lindqvist - Drums
Johan "Klinken" von der Lancken - Synth
Former / Past Members
Tomas Bjrk - Drums
Kristoffer Laurn - Keyboard
EPOXY (name taken from the glue) was a IMPERIET influenced punk/rock band formed 1984 in Hjorthagen, Stockholm. Released the single 'Sex Sex Sex / Trar' in 1988 and had the songs "Arbetsls" & "Jag Vill Leva" on the 'Mixed Music for Lonely Nights and Soldout Evenings (1984)' compilation. Swedish Television (SVT) also made a shortfilm in 1988 about the band called 'Epoxy Krlek & Rock', directed by Lena Hellman. EPOXY had earlier made the soundtrack ("Jag Lngtar Hem") for Lena's 1986 documentary 'Lumpen - En Film Om Killarna och Kriget'.

Trivia: Johan von der Lancken have directed and worked with movie/tv shows such as "Bombay Dreams", "Arn: Tempelriddaren", "Arn: Riket vid vgens slut", "Varannan Vecka", "Skenbart: En Film Om Tg", "Sword of Honour", "C/O Segemyhr", "Svart Lucia", "Pillertrillaren" etc.
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