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Freeway (Swe / Avesta)

Freeway (Swe / Avesta)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Boogie Rock
Sweden (


Roger Helj - Guitar, Vocals (Backwater Quiz, Status Quiz, Status Quovers)
Thomas Englund - Guitar, Vocals
Tomas Westerlund - Bass, Vocals
Richard Andersson - Drums
Not to be confused with Freeway from Färgelanda.

Freeway was a boogie/hard rock band heavily influenced by Status Quo. They have even been misstaken for being the real Status Quo due to a bootleg CD who list their 7" single songs as "Waiting For The Day" and "You Set The World On Fire" (Unreleased Track, Demo Version, Recorded at Frencis Rossi's Home Studio 1980). It was Freeway who recorded them and no Status Quo member was involved even though it sounds very much like the original Quo. Roger Helj was later part of the now defunct Swedish cover band Status Quovers. He have also done some gigs with Backwater Quiz and Status Quiz in the 90's.
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