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Missing in Discography
-Det Enda Som Får Mej Att Tända, Single 1975
-Good Times Cherry, Single 1977
-Känn Draget, LP 1978
-On The Road Again, Live CD 1998
-Tjusig Tid, CD 2010

-Dom Kan Dra / Vilsen I Stan 7" 1983 (as SUCCÉ)

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Frozen Fire (Swe)

Frozen Fire (Swe)
Band Info
Boogie Rock / Rock'n'Roll
Sweden (


1975 - 1982 (reformed 1992)
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Monica Blom - Vocals
Dan "Dean" Nordell - Vocals (Succé, Rockwood)
Michael Ross - Guitar
Niclas Nordell - Guitar
Tomas Ederer - Bass
Peter Müller - Drums
Jens Skoglund - Keys

Former / Past Members:
Bert Brattén - Bass (Succé)
Sten-Olov Björk - Guitar (Succé)
Tommy Nordell - Guitar (Tanjas, Rockwood)
Sten Nordell - Drums (Tanjas, Rockwood)
Rolf Heiche - Drums
Sven Lantz - Drums

FROZEN FIRE was formed in the mid 70's by Dan "Dean" Nordell - Vocals, Bert Brattén - Bass, Sten-Olov Björk - Guitar, Mikael Ross - Guitar and Rolf Heiche - Drums. FROZEN FIRE released their debut single in 1975 on the EFEL label. Two more singles and a LP would follow.  When the band split in 1982 some of the members formed SUCCÉ and recorded the single 'Dom Kan Dra / Vilsen I Stan (1983)'.

FROZEN FIRE reformed in 1992 and re-recorded the songs "Den Mogna Kvinnan", "Lita På Mej", "Svarta Pantern", "Festen Är Över" and release it on a MCD entitled 'Den Mogna Kvinnan (1993)'. A new album was recently released 'Tjusig Tid (2010)'.

The name FROZEN FIRE was taken after a frozen codfish package + their hot temper.
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