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Flame (Swe / Sthlm)

Flame (Swe / Sthlm)
Band Info
Melodic / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Märsta, Stockholm

1979 (as Shining) - 1985

Åke Sold - Vocals, Guitar (Black Hearted Thieves, Mostly Men)
Erik Arvidsson - Bass (Black Hearted Thieves)
Bengt Almqvist - Drums (Black Hearted Thieves)
Leif Westergren - Keyboards

Formed as THE SHINING in 1979, later changed their name to FLAME for the release of their one and only single 'No Road To Heaven / Lonewolf Song (1982)' on Pang Records. Another name-change to TAROC was made before disbanding in 1985. Åke, Erik and Bengt are today in the rock band BLACK HEARTED THIEVES.
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