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Fire (Swe)

Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Björklinge, Uppsala

1980 - 1989
Fredrik Jonsson - Guitars
Robert Larsson - Bass
Niklas Jonsson - Drums
Örjan Englund - Keyboards, Bass
Former / Past Members
Robert Dahlin - Guitars

FIRE was a Swedish hard rock band from the Uppsala region, active 1980-1989. For a number of years FIRE dominated the music scene in their native Björklinge north of Uppsala.

During the early years they only wrote songs in Swedish of which the legendary "Ungdomen" and "Fånge Nummer 31" are perhaps the best known. In the early 80s, they started to write songs in English and had a local radio hit with the catchy tune "You're not a Soldier". When LOLITA POP visited Björklinge in 1984, FIRE was the opening act.

All band members contributed with song writing although most of their Swedish song were written by Niklas Jonsson and Robert Dahlin, while most of their English songs were written by Dahlin with the occasional contribution by N Jonsson/Ö Englund.

In 1978, Niklas Jonsson played drums in in a small band called THE FISHERS. It was a trio (hammond organ, drums, tambourine) and they only wrote one song together. After a while, in 1979, Niklas teamed up with Robert Larsson to form a new band, which was the beginnings of FIRE. Initially, they called themselves MAXWIN. In 1980, Örjan Englund joined in, followed by Robert Dahlin. They changed their name to SPIKE, which was their name during the first two years of existence. They played one concert as SPIKE in 1981 at their school in Björklinge. In 1982 they changed their name to FIRE, and in 1983, they produced their first demo tape 'The Swedish Demo'. In 1988, Robert Larsson left the band, and Örjan Englund played the bass on their last demo tape 'Almost Perfect'. For a short while in 1989, a second guitarist, Fredrik Jonsson, joined before the band dissolved in the end of 1989.
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