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Fagin (Swe)

Fagin (Swe)
Band Info


1975 - XXXX
Official Website
Berne Svanberg - Vocals, Drums
Magnus Rosn - Guitar
Michael Winkler - Guitar
Peter Jacobson - Bass, Piano
Mats Ringstrm - Keyboard
Former / Past Members
Anders Bystrm - Guitar? (Boneshakers)
Formed as INDISCREET in 1975 by Berne Svanberg, Peter Jacobson, Anders Bystrm and Michael Winkler. They later changed their name to SPACE and then FAGIN (taken from Mr. Fagin in the Oliver Tvist story). After seeing Anders departing from the band and adding Magnus Rosn and Mats Ringstrm to the line-up they recorded their debut single 'I'd Better Go / Rocksymphony' released on the private label Bauta Rock International in 1978.

Anders B later appeared in Swedish TV-series such as Anna Holt, Reuter & Skoog and Beck.
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