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Gondoline (Swe)

Gondoline (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / AOR
Sweden (

Sollentuna, Stockholm

1986 - XXXX
Robert Hoffman - Vocals (Hoffman Circus)
Håkan Olsson - Guitar
Andreas "Ali" Bonnevier - Bass (Hoffman Circus, Roger Rönning)
Henrik Nilsson - Drums  (Hoffman Circus)
Peter Nylén - Keyboards
Former / Past Members
Johan Bäckström - Guitar (Zevdo?)
Anders "Rover" Levander - Keyboards
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Formed January 1st 1986. Johan left and was replaced by Håkan Olsson, and the band changed musical direction towards softer pop/rock. Anders was later replaced by Peter Nylén and the band changed their name to Hoffman's Circus. In 1995 they released their debut, entitled 'Just Around The Hill'. Andreas also played with pop singer Roger Rönning.
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