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Great Ad (Swe)

Great Ad (Swe)
Band Info
Progressive / Hard / Heavy Rock
Sweden (


Peter Ekström - Vocals (Nattwind?)
Claes Andersson - Bass (Åke Octan, Hundarna, Sing Sing & The Crime)
Johan Borelius - Guitar
Eddie Nyström - Guitar (Karl Kanga, Sing Sing & The Crime, Willie Nile, Mikael Wiehe)
Stefan Bergh - Drums, Percussion (Åke Octan, Sing Sing & The Crime)
Biography (from The Encyclopedia of Swedish Progressive Music 1967-1979)
This Malmö hard rock band's début consisted of two progressive instrumental numbers. The original trio of Borelius, Andersson and Bergh was augmented by rhythm guitarist Eddie Nyström and singer Peter Ekström for the second single. Both were released on Hazze Östlund's Scam label, where you had to pay to get your records out. It was also the home of Solid Ground, 4 Ever and Raunchy.
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