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Missing in Discography
- Horizon, CD 1998 ("I See You", "Sometimes", "Sweet Surprise", "Walls")

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Horizon (Swe / Malmö)

Horizon (Swe / Malmö)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (


1992 - 2000
Pär Wennerström - Vocals (Fire & Ice, Turning Leaf)
Jens Andersson - Guitar (Spirit)
Gert Daun/Erikson - Bass (Spirit, Falcon, Daunforce, Andromeda, Time Loop)
Michael Levenstad - Drums (Hellmark)
Björn Nilsson - Keyboards (Daunforce, Given Form)
Former / Past Members
Stefan Ekström - Guitar (Spirit)
Rickard Roskvist - Drums (Spirit)
Patrick "Padde" Björk - Keyboads (Spirit)
Not to be confused with Horizon (Uppsala?) or Horizon (Helsingborg).

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia

On the first single, the band featured guitarist Stefan Ekström and the drums were handled by Rickard Roskvist. The band unfortunately split in 2000. Pär later joined Turning Leaf, who released their debut late 2002 and Gert was also a member of Andromeda. Gert and Björn reunited in 2013 under the new name Daunforce.

Info from Musicmight
Initially formed as a solo project in 1992 by Fire&Ice vocalist Pär Wennerström, Horizon also included Spirit guitarists Jens Andersson and Stefan Engström, keyboard player Patrik Björk and drummer Rickard Roskvist. A later Horizon line-up included ex-Given Form keyboard player Björn Nilsson and former Hellmark drummer Micke Levenstad.
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