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Hex (Swe)

Hex (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


Mid 80s
Urban Löfqvist - Vocals
Jonas Dahlberg R.I.P. - Guitar
Jens "Mann" Andersson - Guitar (Fates Right Band)
Alberto Nilsson - Bass
Jonas Andersson - Drums (Fates Right Band, Vanity Insanity)
Heavy Metal band active in the mid 80s'. The band attended Rock-SM in 1985 but didn't qualify. Jens was 14 years old when their 1985 demo was recorded and Jonas Andersson had only been playing drums for 1 year. Jens and Jonas are brothers and played in Fates Right Band togheter with Jonny Lindkvist from Nocturnal Rites 2014-2017.

Jonas Dahlberg who had most of the material sadly passed away in the 90s.
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