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1983: Demo
1983: 8-Track Demo

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Hiroshima (Swe)

Hiroshima (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1982 - 1987

Tony "Tony Hanover" Hedin - Vocals
Kari "Luke Powerhand" Varonen - Guitar
Ismo "Hero O'Hara" Varonen - Guitar
Jouko "Jake Killer / Snake" Kinnunen - Bass (Pussy Galore, Mad Coctail)
Örjan "Dr. Rock" Englin - Drums (Ten 67, Dust, Drama, Escape)

Former / Past Members
Raimo "Rape / The Quick" Pikanen - Drums (Alwari Tuohitorvi, Indians Of Justice)
Mr. Uusitalo
Erkki Bridge Danger
Formed in Stockholm 1982 as TARGET, later known as LIFELINE and ALWARI-X before adapting the name HIROSHIMA. The band recorded a demo in 1983 and later released a private single entitled 'Soldier of the World / Nuclear Nightmare'. A second demo was recorded at Decibel Studios, Stockholm -83, this demo-cassette gave them a record deal with the finish label KRÄK and a second single + a full-lenght album was recorded ('Taste of Death'). The album was released in Finland and Sweden where it got great reviews. The HI-FI journal declared it as the best album of the month.

HIROSHIMA split in 1987, Jake Juouko later joined the band PUSSY GALORE. Örjan Englin became a radio DJ at 106.7 Rockklassiker in Stockholm under the name "Dr Rock". Tony Hedin moved to USA.

The band's guitarists who were brothers, are from Finland. Raimo who is also Finnish, is a hard rock veteran from the early '70s.
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