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HeadForce (Swe)

HeadForce (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1984 - 1991, 2009 - XXXX
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Tommy "Pommy/Hindorf" Adolfsson - Vocals (Hindorf)
Stefan "Gubben" Karlsson - Guitar
Per "Pelle" Almgren - Guitar (Effect, Light of Candle)
Jan "Janne" Olsson - Bass (Cirkus Prütz)
Thomas "Massi" Karlsson/Schön - Drums (Effect, Sleazy/DC)

Former / Past Members
Micke "Räven" Holmberg - Vocals
Roger "Lolle" Samuelsson - Vocals
Roger "Rogga" Claussén - Guitar (Effect)
Peter "Skinnet" Olsson - Bass (Effect)
Thomas Pålsson - Keyboards
HEADFORCE was formed autumn 1984 by EFFECT members Pelle Almgren - Guitar, Roger Claussen - Guitar, Peter "Skinnet" Olsson - Bass, Thomas "Massi" Karlsson - Drums + new singer Micke "Räven" Holmberg. Roger left shortly after the formation without anyone replacing him. HEADFORCE did the opening act for EUROPE in 1985 at Folkets Park and later recorded their first and only single 'Love Heart / Take Cover (1986)'. At this point they also participated Rock-SM and went to the DS final.

Micke "Räven" Holmberg left the band in autumn 87 and was replaced with Roger "Lolle" Samuelsson. Roger Claussen also joined the band again. HEADFORCE attended another rock-competition in 1987/1988 which toured all over sweden.  Roger Claussen left the band in the middle of the competition and was replaced with Stefan "Gubben" Karlsson. Roger "Lolle" Samuelsson left the band after the competition and was replaced with the bands former vocalist Micke "Räven" Holmberg.

HEADFORCE participated Bondebackfestivalen in 1989 then Micke "Räven" Holmberg and Peter "Skinnet" Olsson left the band. They where replaced with Tommy Adolfsson (HINDORF) and Janne Olsson. The band contributeded with the song "Rocking in the City" on the 'Kvalité (1990)' compilation and split-up the following year. 22 years after the split-up the band did a reunion gig at Wetternmagasinet (2009).

Interesting Facts: A promo-video was recorded for the song "Take Cover" sponsored by TBV, however it's unknown if it was released to the public or not. Peter "Skinnet" Olsson played the role as satans son.
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