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Hangover (Swe / Karlskrona)

Hangover (Swe / Karlskrona)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Hasslö, Karlskrona

1981 - 1986, 2000s - present
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Tony "Tonna" Engman - Guitar, Vocals (Low Down)
Mats Kullberg - Guitar, Vocals (Low Down)
Anders "Asse" Petersson - Bass
Mikael "Micke" Krona - Drums
Former / Past Members
Bosse Axelmalm - Drums
Not to be confused with Hangover (Ljusdal) or Hangover (Stockholm).

Heavy Metal act highly influenced by NWOBHM and bands such as Motörhead, Sex Pistols, etc. The band was formed mid 80's and are still active to this day. They opened for Europe in the 80's. Tony and Mats are also in the band Low Down.
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