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JesusExercise (Swe)

JesusExercise (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Hardcore / Thrash Metal
Sweden (


1989 - 1992
Ulrika Karlsson - Vocals (Swamp Cunts)

Max Thornell - Guitar (Furbowl, Wonderflow, Hearse, Dom Där, Devourment, Max & The Chainsaws, Satanarchy, Soul Child, Morte Paura, Siniterror)

Jan-Olof "Janne/Hästen" Karlsson - Bass (Dom Där, Warcollapse, Siebensünden, Machindu, Buset)

Magnus "Svisse" Svensson - Drums
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Formed in 1989, split in 1992. Heavy and slow gothy thrash in the vein of PARADISE LOST. Max was later found in FURBOWL (later WONDERFLOW) and has previously recorded with doomsters DOM DÄR and his own punk / hardcore project MAX & THE CHAINSAWS. The previously unreleased track "Silent Spring" can be found on the local compilation 'Café Kristina (92 Växjö 650 dB)'. Thornell is also found in SATANRCHY.
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