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- Deflagration, CD 2000

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Kenneth Skoog (Swe)

Kenneth Skoog (Swe)
Band Info
New Wave / Hard / Symphonic Rock / Psych / Synth / Instrumental
Sweden (


Kenneth Skoog - All Instruments (Pharamond, Force Majeure, Touché, E.S. Bandt)
One man project fronted by Kenneth Skoog. Guitarplayer and composer for 34 years. Also bassplayer, keyboardplayer, bandleader and engineer. Have gone to the Malmö Jazzinstitute in 1983-84 and 1991-92, Musicians Institute, Hollywood 1993-94 at GIT and KIT. Kenneth wanted his band to release a record but the other members weren't interested, so he went and recorded his own single in August 1980 and released it on his own label Spasmograf Records. In 1979 he was part of a band called Pharamond that played instrumental music in the styles of Wishbone Ash, Jimi Hendrix and King Crimson as well as some jazz-rock. Kenneth also released a CD in 2000 entitled 'Deflagration'.
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