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- Demos
- Får Ett Utbrott (2005)
- Det Gamla Modet Är Slut (2008)
- Noztalgica (2010)
- Kult (2011)
- Legend (2013)

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Keffrots (Swe)

Keffrots (Swe)
Band Info
Punk / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Klippen, Ånge

1980 - present
Official Website
Glenn "Keff" Häggström - Vocals, Guitar (Hot Lips, Absorbenterna, Glenn Keff & Skatorna, Big Cry, Tallium, Sophia Sapiens,  Rock'n Roll Highschool, Cute Puke,  Rolle and the Gorrers, Traysys Hare)
Mojnä - Vocals
Roger Vox - Guitar (Tallium)
Pu Backmän - Bass, Vocals (Hot Lips, Absorbenterna, Glenn Keff & Skatorna, Freeways, Bokstavsbarn, Mindbuzz, Norrländska Kulturinstitutet, Wråålboys#4)
Vincent - Drums
Former / Past Members
Mikael Dahlberg - Guitar
Bozo Bodega - Guitar
Tompa Komp - Guitar
Torbjörn Olsson - Bass
Peter Höglund - Drums, Vocals
Kenneth Bret Brett - Drums
Martin Källström - Drums
Danne Rootz - Drums
Mikael Backe - Drums (Nightdriver)
Belle Bus
KEFFROTS was formed in 1980 by Glenn, Höken, Pipen and Tobba. This line-up recorded the songs "Radioaktiv " and "Flått Skinn, Coca Cola & Gin" for the pang compilation 'Från Pop Till Ny Våg (1982)'. Members came and went through the 80s/90s/00s with over 15 different drummers and guitarists. The only original member still left in the band today is Glenn Häggström (bassists Pu Backmän who joined 1984 have been a long time member as well). In 2005 the band released their debut album 'Får Ett Utbrott ', it have been followed up with four more albums up til today (2013). Trivia: KEFFROTS attended Rock SM in Sundsvall, 1988.
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